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about Jake and Elwood's


Jake & Elwood’s is a Chicago tribute restaurant in the Historic Crescent Hill Neighborhood of Louisville, KY. We specialize in providing authentic Chicago Style Deep Dish, Hot Dogs and Italian Beef sammiches.


John Thurlow, owner of Jake & Elwood’s, is a Chicago native who even after transplanting to Louisville 2019, has never forgotten his Chicago heritagessz.  He loves sharing his best, and highly opinionated, views of all things Chicago including but not limited to Chicago sports and Chicago history. 

Jake & Elwood’s has become a fixture as “Louisville’s Home of Chicago Bears” and is the only true sports bar within the Clifton Restaurant Corridor on Frankfort Avenue. From time to time we mix in live music and special events making Jake & Elwood’s a place with something for everyone. Check our calendar, or subscribe to receive email updates about all the good times you can enjoy here.

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